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We have a few FREE downloads to help you study/pass your Technician (entry level) and General exams.  Your ARRL Amateur Radio License Manual comes with a written copy of the question pool and a CD that can generate practice exams.  But we have a better way, the written question pool requires you to flip from the section you just finished to the back of the book, find the right question and test if you got the right answer...  Then you have to flip back to the list of review questions only to flip back to the end of the book...  You spend all of your time looking for the questions... 

One of our local hams, Dick W5TA, has written two study guides that follow the ARRL manuals that we use in our classes...  When you finish a section you select it and the program presents you with the correct question pool questions for that section.  For get about all that flipping and searching for the correct question in the back of the book...  If you miss a question it displays the page to review to get the correct answer...  These programs are also a great aid for the instructors because they can use it as part of their class to review the questions at the end of a section/chapter...

Once you are ready to try a few practice exams Dick's program is ready...  It generates random exams... 


How to set it up:

  • Download and extract the zipped files, just remember where you put them...  Then launch the Tech_Inst.exe or General_Inst.exe file to start the program...  Feel free to create a short cut and put it on your Desktop...
  • When you first launch the program it is in the Simulated License Test mode... (See Fig-1)
  • Change it to the Study Text mode (Fig-2, see the 3rd button on the bottom row) 
  • To select the Chapter/Page you are on just update the Chapter/Page selectors (see the Chapter Page selectors, Fig-3)...  Your review questions are automatically displayed...
  • If you get to a question that asks to view a Figure just use the Show Figure button (Fig-4).


Figure 1


Figure 2


Figure 3


Figure 4